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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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elderly man. police say johnson is known to the family. she rented one of several properties the family owned. this afternoon detectives searched for clues. the delray community of alexandria's sense of security has been shattered before. nearly 10 years ago nancy dunning, a fixture in the community who earned the nickname queen of delray, was murdered in her home. her death remains a mystery. residents say they are disturbed by the murder of their neighbor but say it hasn't taken away the beauty of their charming neighborhood. >> he was kind of a grandfatherly figure here. people cared about him. >> reporter: the family has released a statement to us. it reads, joe was a gentle frail 94-year-old gentleman. his life was restricted to being in the house where he fondly fixed meals for his wife, cared for a few flowering plants, read his paper, rooted for the orioles, redskins and wizards on tv. rest in peace, joe. after detectives canvassed the
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outside they will move inside tonight to find out if anything was stolen from the home. surae chinn, wusa9. >> so sad and disturbing, thank you. the murder in alexandria comes just a few days after an elderly woman was murdered in prince george's county. 71-year-old geraldine mcintyre found inside her home in capitol heights sunday. investigators say she had suffered severe upper body injuries. police have no motive, no suspect and haven't said if there could be a connection between the two murders. breaking news in the gulf of mexico where the slow tow to port is almost over for passengers on board the disabled carnival cruise ship triumph. it's an agonizing trip for the 4,000 people who can finally see dry land after enduring some downright awful conditions for days. many could be seen on the ship's decks as we start to hear the horror stories from on
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board. randall pinkston joins us live from mobile, alabama, where a broken tail line briefly delayed the progress there. randall. >> reporter: lesli, you know the saga of this ship reminds me of an old blues song that says if it wasn't for bad luck, the ship wouldn't have any bad luck at all. they've been without power since sunday, drifted and towed across the gulf of mexico thinking they would get to mobile this afternoon and now they may not arrive until sometime between 10:30 and midnight. the broken down carnival ship triumph is expected to finally dock this evening. >> this is going to be a long day. this is not a fast process. >> reporter: this afternoon a new problem, a tow line snapped as tugboats steered the stricken ship towards the terminal. the line was replaced and the slow journey resumed. nellie betts has been in touch with her daughter nicole who says life on the ship has been miserable and disgusting since the fire knocked out power. >> the condition of everything was awful, the smell. they did have running water, but the water was brown.
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the commode, they hadn't been able to flush the commode in some days. >> reporter: had she been on a cruise before? >> first and last time. >> reporter: karen and travis jackson have a teddy bear and rose waiting for their daughter carly. >> we bought her a valentine's and sunday is her birth day. >> reporter: john hare has a wife, daughter, sister and two nurses on board and made them a sign that reads thank god -- nieces on board and made them a sign that reads thank god it's over. he spoke to his wife over the phone. >> they want to know how the smell is on the ship. >> oh, it's horrendous. >> horrendous. >> reporter: customs and border patrol agents boarded the triumph earlier today to try to speed up the customs process when the ship finally docks at this terminal. carnival is providing transportation and hotel rooms for the passengers and giving out full refunds for the cruise, a credit toward future cruises and $500 cash. and then there's this.
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once the ship does arrive at port, it's going to take four to five hours to get the 3,000 passengers and 1,000 crew off. reporting live in mobile, i'm randall pinkston, back to you. >> one working elevator, all those hours to get off. it could be tomorrow before they all disembark. boy, it's been a long, long trip. >> reporter: it will be. he made headlines as the first double amputee to compete in the olympics and now oscar pistoris is making headlines as an accused killer. the athlete known as the blade runner is charged with murdering his supermodel girl friend who was shot four times in the athlete's home in a gated community in south africa. the romance seemed to be going well, but police dismissed earlier supports that the model surprised him and he thought she was intruder.
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>> there has previously been incidents at her home. >> he made olympic history last summer when he became the first double amputee to compete in the olympics and is due in court tomorrow. reporters refused to leave a d.c. courtroom today as hush hush hearings restarted in the chandra levy murder case with lawyers arguing out of earshot. we're still in the dark with problems about a witness' testimony. he helped send a salvadoran intern to prison in the death of the intern. bruce leshan was there. so you stood up to the judge? >> reporter: not exactly. he gave us some options. he could say all the reporters in the courtroom could file out. they'd close the doors and then the lawyers and the judge could conduct their business behind closed doors or we could stick around in the courtroom and the lawyers would have to get up
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and go to the judge's bench and sit there with the noise machine on making that hissing noise and they would conduct their business privately up there next to the judge. we chose to stick around that hoping at some point they'd give up and tell us what was going or but apparently these are some pretty tough lawyers because they've been up there talking to the judge about 2 1/2 hours now and we still don't have any better idea of what the heck is going on. what we do know is that two years after ingmar guandique was convicted of murdering chandra levy while she was out jogging in rock creek park just before she was going to go home to california, two years after he was convicted of that murder, we're back here at the courthouse and there is some problem with one of the witnesses. the prosecution came to the judge and said there's an issue with the witness. legally we have to go to the
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ingmar guandique's lawyers and tell them that there may be a problem with the witness. so the judge considered that, said there's a safety issue if this is publicly released and as they try and decide how important this is and whether they need to hold a new trial potentially, that's going to take place in secret. so that's basically where we are down here at d.c. superior court. we know there's a problem with the witness. we know that the defense wants us to know everything about the witness and the prosecution want to keep it secret and that at this point and probably potentially for months more the judge is going to keep that secret. so we'll let you know if we find anything out. >> the mystery continues. thanks. the university of maryland says the gunman behind this week's murder suicide once worked as a campus police officer. davon maurice green was with the force a short while. a spokesperson says green was fired this summer after twice
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failing to show up for work. green shot two roommates, one of them fatally before taking his own life. funeral services will be held in philadelphia this weekend for 22-year-old stephen rane. green's family told police he had suffered from mental illness at least a year. the merger of u.s. airways and united airlines will create the largest airway in the world. some analysts say you could be paying more. frequent flyer dean kempsly isn't sure what to expect when u.s. airways merges with american airlines. it will be the largest carrier in the world with more than 300 destinations in 56 countries. frequent flyers from both airlines should keep their miles, but some analysts think this may not be a sweetheart deal for passengers in the long run. >> consumers end up paying more for tickets in general. they have less convenience
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because typically during americaners there's cutbacks in flights. >> reporter: the new company will take the american name and a brand-new logo. the ceos of both airlines will stay on board. u.s. airways chief doug parker will take the top spot. >> we'll work together to make sure we have a good transition. >> reporter: the merger will bring major logistical challenges. recent union of united and continental led to a spike in consumer complaints. this is the fourth major airline merger since 2008. >> i think it's just something that we have to learn to accept and hopefully it will not lead to higher fares. >> reporter: if the deal does go through, just four airlines will control 70% of the market. >> passengers who have already booked tickets don't need to worry because the merger still has to clear several hurdles. u.s. airways shareholders have to vote. federal regulators have to sign off, but it's expected the deal will be approved. that infamous 1979 heinz
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commercial says anticipation keeps ketchup lovers waiting but not for warren buffett. berkshire hathaway has teamed up with an investment group to buy h.j. heinz and the deal is valued at $28 billion the assumption of $4 billion in debt, but first the takeover has to be approved by heinz stakeholders. coming up a young mother with parkinson's disease and the life changing surgery now being respected for more patients, we take you in the o.r. in tonight's health alert. topper? >> very nice. we have sunshine and calm winds, but big changes on the way. we'll show you temperatures. i'd grab a light jacket if you're going out, 48 downtown, 45 in gaithersburg, 48 in leesburg and manassas, 47 in fairfax, 42 in annapolis. we'll come back, talk about a cold front. we're talk
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breaking news, republicans have temporarily blocked the vote on the nomination of senator chuck hagel as defense secretary. some of his former gop colleagues held up the vote as a way to demand more information from the white house on issues including the september attack on the american consulate in libya. hagel is a former senator and vietnam combat veteran. his nomination was approved by the senate armed services committee on a straight party line vote. expect slow going if you plan to use metro this presidents day weekend. track work will take place on the orange, blue, red and green lines and delays up to 50 minutes. on the orange line between stadium army and cheverly the trains will not run. on the red line on saturday trains will single track
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between rhode island avenue in tacoma. don't forget metro will operate on a saturday schedule this presidents day monday, a holiday. this morning freezing temps combined with last night's snow and rain for a commute that just got a little ridiculous this morning. i was listening to the radio. you had icy roads everywhere, all sorts of crashes including at least three accidents in fairfax county, two on the parkway and in montgomery county a lot of roads shut down, icy conditions including the ramp from route 29 to the beltway and rockville pike at grosvenor lane. it just was very slick. howard had a cool thing on our web about black ice. it looks wet, but it's actually ice and that's the main problem. folks probably assumed it wasn't frozen. no worries right now, a beautiful day, temperatures above average. our average high is 45. we're now 48. that's pretty good. dew point in the 20s, nothing
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crazy dry, humidity 41%. winds are still out of the south. the winds will pick up tonight and drive in warmer air, albeit briefly, tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. 46 in bethesda, 47 arlington, 46 in springfield, 49 in rockville. temperatures are pretty mild really, 49 in college park, 47 andrews and 42 toward annapolis. there wasn't much wind today is the good news. we have another little system. it's going to take a track like this, okay? not going to have time to tap the gulf of mexico, but it is a pretty healthy disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere. as the cold front rolls through, this system will stay to our north. this will develop on the backside of the front and give us a chance of some snow tomorrow night and into saturday. then a storm system will try to develop off the coast, still appears that's going to be too far east to cause any big problems. now we have clear skies. we'll stay clear much of the night, a few high clouds come in late. so chilly tonight, mild friday.
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afternoon and evening showers possible. i could even see a thundershower along the southern bay tomorrow and then snow friday night, maybe snow possible on saturday, especially in the morning. for tonight clear to partly cloudy, just chilly, lows in the 30s. winds will pick up late, south, southwest at 10 to 15. by morning partly sunny, breezy and cool. bring a coat because it will get cold tomorrow night. don't be fooled, 30s and 40s to start and by afternoon temperatures near 55 despite clouds, breezy and milder, showers possible, winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. so the next three days right now we'll keep everything as a green alert, but spring to winter tomorrow, maybe a shower, maybe snow tomorrow night, 54, snow still possible saturday, 39. temps don't go up much saturday and quite cold sunday, primarily a flurry or snow shower sunday, temperatures only about 32. new now the next seven days it
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warms back up. sunshine, back in the mid-40s. then we're back in the 40s again as we get into wednesday and thursday of next week. okay. aurora borealis, this is from fairbanks, alaska, and normally i don't accept pictures not taken locally, but the people that took the pictures are from the local area and this is a pretty spectacular picture. it was taken december 19th of last year. temperatures at minus 58. that was the predicted temperature. he was visiting fairbanks for the holidays. he's from mechanicsville. joanne did a great job sending this in. go to our website, click on the weather tab and upload your picture and give a description and where you're from, hometown. >> fairbanks, alaska, for the holidays, sounds great.
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>> cool. >> minus 58 degrees. coming up breaking their silence, two of christopher dorner's final victims say the ex-lapd officer didn't seem like a bad man to them. >> but up next as the college of cardinals prepares to pick a new pope the vatican is out with new information about a health scare for the guy who still has the job.
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as rome prepares for the upcoming conclave to elect a new pope there are new details about pope benedict's day to day living when he retires at the end of the month. danielle nottingham brings us the latest from the vatican. >> reporter: the vatican revealed pope benedict's closest aide will remain his private secretary and will also run the new pope's household. the duel role for the monsignor is raising questions about how much influence benedict will have over his successor. >> no one has said exactly what he's going to do and it's going to be benedict who decides what does and doesn't do. even the pope's brother has suggested the new pope would be wise to consult the former pope from time to time. >> reporter: the pope told the
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priest in rome thursday morning he'll be hidden from view after stepping down. the holy father says he'll live a life of prayer at a former monastery inside the vatican walls. even though pope benedict is expected to be out of sight, images of him will be around the vatican for many years to come. tourists who make the pilgrimage here buy all sorts of religious souvenirs. many items still feature pope john paul ii. the vatican expects a big demand for memorabilia of the new pope once he's announced. the election of the new pope is also expected to bring an economic boom to rome. 4million pilgrims came for the last conclave in 2005. the city of rome is getting ready for the same number this time. >> the vatican acknowledged also today for the first time that pope been didn't hit his
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head in a hotel room during -- benedict hit his head in a hotel room during a trip to mexico last year, but the church said that accident has nothing to do with the decision to retire. a california couple talking about their encounter with the l.a. cop killer christopher dorner. dorner broke into their resort home on bear lake and surprised them from upstairs before tying them up. although they were aware of dorner's trail of violence, the reynoldss say they couldn't help but feel some compassion for the guy. >> he talked to us, trying to calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us, yes. >> he said i don't have a problem with you. i just want to clear my name. >> i didn't wish him dead, though, at any point. i really didn't. >> the reynoldss managed to undo their restraints and called police and a few hours later dorner was cornered in another cabin. that's where he's believed to have died in the resulting shootout and fire. mothers from across the country delivered a message to congress on this valentine's
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day. have a heart. the group called moms rising delivered a petition about gun violence. they're demanding congress act fast to pass new gun control laws. today's event was held at lutheran church of the reformation on capitol hill. several congresswomen attended along with survivors of gun violence. womens invites activists and lawmakers banded together to bring attention to a horrifying statistic. they say one in three women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. the national organization for women and other women's groups took part in what they call the 1 billion rising event held on the 15th anniversary of d day, the global movement to end violence against women and girls. nothing can ruin a romantic night out like oh, some rat droppings. coming up in a valentine's day edition of our food alert russ ptacek takes to us a swanky hotspot shut down over health
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violations. up next, stimulating the brain while a patient is still awake, how this dramatic
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still following breaking news in the gulf of mexico, the disabled cruise ship triumph has now entered mobile bay which i guess say little closer than being in the gulf but they -- is a little closer than being in the gulf but they are still hours from docking at the alabama terminal. as we know, they lost power
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last sunday and passengers have been suffering with terrible conditions including horrible smells, backed up toilets, no air conditioning, everything you can imagine you wouldn't want on a vacation cruise, but it's almost over. now to a life changing brain surgery is done while the patient is awake. it's called deep brain stimulation and it helps control the tremors and stiffness of movement disorders like parkinson's disease. new research said it should be done earlier before symptoms progress to a more severe state. >> it kind of eats away at you little by little, you know. >> we first met sutapa in her leesburg, virginia home last fall. the mother of two was diagnosed with parkinson's disease in 2004 at the exceptionally young age of 36 when her boys were only 2 and 5. >> right now after almost eight years of parkinson's i've reached the stage where medications are not helping much. >> reporter: she's got both
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uncontrolled tremors and rigidity in her limbs and found herself able to do less and less with her family. so on november 15th, 2012, she underwent a deep brain stimulation procedure at the university of maryland medical center in baltimore, an institution that's been working with dvs for more than 10 years. while a metal frame keeps her shaved head still, neurologists precisely glide a probe into the part of the brain that controls movement. they're implanting a stimulator that uses electrical current to jam abnormal brain signals. later a pacemaker to control that stimulator is implanted in sutapa's chest and after several weeks when the surgical incisions heal we see her again on the day the stimulator will be turned on for the first time. in the waiting room she's full of anxious hope for a more normal life. >> to be able to run errands and, you know, help my kids without shaking to be able to make


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